Popular with architects, realtors, interior designers and indie game developers alike, our assets add reality to the viewers' experience. Whether you're designing a school, office building, apartment complex, or zombie factory, our signs and decals allow you to add all the reality you need!


And, unlike any other 2d asset packs, we include 3d assets (with SOUND!), to complete your off-the-wall requirements! Where else can you get 2d signage & decals, with 3d picture frames? What about security pads, alarms, fire extinguishers and (wall-mounted) air conditioning units, all with their own soundtrack! We’ve even included different room tones – starting with the natural noises you hear but don’t always pay attention to, that grow louder as you approach. Go ahead, (virtually) swipe your card in our card reader, to hear it!


This asset package will require you to download the free Substance plugin. Our ReadMe document explains more about this. We thank you for your interest in this asset package, the first ‘Roadside Assistance Kit’ from Burnout Game Studios!

Give your game or virtual environment

a cost-effective tune-up with our Roadside Assistance Kits!

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