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BGV Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!
Mar '17 - At 3 yrs, BGV has 370+ people in its Talent Pool, w/ 102 working on 9 projects for 6 startups, and 20 Advisors! Are you ready?
Vectromirror Wins 1st Award!
Jan '17 - “Vectromirror”, Major Games’ new VR parkour exploration game, wins its 1st (of many!) awards at the Melrose Creative Expo!
Soop on iHeart Radio Again!
Jan '17 - "What's The SCORE”, a Cen Fla Biz Advisory Show (on iHeart Radio), interviews Soop on BGV, 1MC, games, etc.
BGV Selected for FL TechMatch!
Jan '17 - BGV selected as one of the most promising tech startups, and asked to meet with EA Sports, Orlando Magic, Universal & Verizon.
Otronicon Keynote Presentation!
Jan '17 - Soop’s asked to present “9 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Game Company”. Standing room only loved it!
BGV Joins Indies at Otronicon!
Jan '17 - Otronicon's Indie Showcase had 32 game studios demoing products, including BGV, Major Games, SymbioVR & Rilix!
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