An insanely clever 2D puzzle game,

designed by mad scientists!

#SavethePilcri !

5 Stars!! Hours of fun, for just  $1.99! Pay once, play all you want!

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"When I first had the pleasure to try this game, I was hooked! I just had to get 3 stars on every level! You really have to think and strategize... Can you save all the Pilcri and beat an existing low score? There's plenty more to look forward to... Thank you for this game!
- David Cruz, 2x Guinness Book of Video Game Records
"I'm so glad I discovered this sweet game! It's a fun way to pass the time while exercising your brain... I highly recommend it.”
- Patty D.
“The real beauty of "Not Without You" lies in its simplicity. The interface is clean and intuitive, and the puzzles are challenging, yet solvable. Completing a level feels like an accomplishment! I really enjoyed my time with this game, and I highly recommend it to puzzle game fans!”
- TheLazyGeneral (Twitch Streamer)

Buy it, TODAY!

$1.99 - Pay once, play all you want!  Without pesky ads or micro-transactions!


“Controls are simple and intuitive. Gameplay is fun and challenging. What more could you want from a puzzle game?”

- Cameron B.

“I love this game. It is easy to jump in and play. It’s puzzles are unique, fun and fresh.

Highly recommend for anyone who want a quick gaming fix on the go.”


“This is mind bending. First game I’ve downloaded and I’m hooked.”

- Greg H.

Save The Pilcri

The adorable “Pilcri” have been captured by a mad scientist! Save them from his experiments, by helping them escape through the trap doors in each level. However: all Pilcri move in unison, and must exit each level, together! The solution? Use the environment to reposition them, so they can flee!

Hours of Fun

What better way to pass time than helping little creatures get back home? Keep in mind that each puzzle was designed by a mad scientist, after all. Of the more than 1,000 play-testers, 94% said they’ll refer this game to their friends! While targeted at mobile users, it is still addictive on PCs and Macs.

Support Indies

Not Without You is one of many titles in the Burnout Game Ventures' pipeline, a portfolio of which is provided by Adventure Beard, LLC, a joint venture between Bad Pilcrow, Inc. (the IP holder), Major Games, Inc. (one of BGV’s Client Partners), and BGV. Burnout Game Ventures, where we incubate game companies from zero-to-sales in six months or less!

Key Features

Interesting Movement

     All Pilcri move in unison... It's not as easy as it looks

Figure it Out

     Use the environment to position them to escape

Fresh, Modern Take

     On classic puzzle mechanics


Hours of Fun

     Tons of puzzles to entertain, challenge and vex


Beautiful Graphics

     Hand crafted and ultra high-resolution 2D style


Regular Updates

     To keep the game fresh and fun

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