What We Do

   Our  Mission  is to cultivate aspiring entrepreneurs in the areas of video games, simulation, and VR/AR into successful businesses.

We pick the most promising, train them on how to do it right the first time, and provide them with all the talent, resources, expert judgment, processes, motivation, and marketing power they’ll need to achieve their dreams of developing, establishing and operating sustainable enterprises.

It’s all about processes. We know that the 95% failure rate for indie developers is because they don’t know and practice proper project management. This is our specialty. We teach them “how to fish” in the high-risk ocean of the game industry.


   The goal is for them to release their first title within six months, and then “graduate” within the next six, as a self-sustaining studio (with their own Team, offices, resources, and revenue streams).

What We've Done

We've spent our first five years building our foundation. We have 600+ people in our Core Talent Pool, with more being added almost every day.

As of May 2019, nearly 100 people are involved in developing 11 products  for 7 startups. Over 200 people have been through our program, having worked on 23 projects for 14 startups. While the average startup barely lasts the first year, ours are averaging over four.

Our first Client Partner game was ready for release in less than six months, was favorably reviewed by the top YouTube personality in the world (and the top media site), and has 100,000+ downloads. Our second game title has released V1.0, with new version releases pending. Our first two asset packs have been released, with the 3rd on the way.

We have enough products in the pipeline to last 36 months, with more on the way.

We've also raised $250k in seed capital, with another $1 million being sought. Did you know that private game investments average 7X ROI in 3 years?

Where We're Going

   “B-G-V” will be the brand name in indie game development, helping cement Orlando as a world center for video games.

Ambitious target market entrepreneurs will be providing an endless supply of fresh and unique ideas, to become BGV Client Partners - and earn BGV’s “Seal of Approval” on their products.

Our Client Partners' releases will consistently attain (exceed, actually) our modest sales goals, empowering them (with our training) to achieve their game studio dreams. Developers worldwide will additionally benefit from the online courses, books, articles, blogs we’ll offer in their quest to develop great experiences.

   Our LEED Platinum-certified multi-story HQ in downtown Orlando, FL, will be a marvel of modern architecture and sustainability.

The first floor Maker Space will create the next generation of interactive digital products. Two floors will offer office, common area, meeting and private workspaces for our Client Partners, and two floors will allow BGV to conduct its worldwide operations, as well as host events, play and eat. Tickets to view Orlando’s fireworks displays from our roof will be highly coveted.


Each of our five locations (TBD) will have 100+ people working on up to 10 projects at a time, and generating $10-15m/yr (from our Clients’ $55-60m/yr). Working with BGV will be an “achievement unlocked” for anyone interested in a career in games.

Why We Do What We Do

    Passion for entrepreneurship, teaching, technology, creativity, and giving back to the community brought the BGV's Team members together. 

  We know that starting a business is extremely risky - you could lose EVERYTHING. 

  Our Team's professional experience and knowledge made us experts in the industry and we took a step toward utilizing our expertize by helping you succeed.

  BGV disrupts failed (video game & venture capital) models, using healthy project management - enhanced with our special twists - which guarantee SUCCESS.

  • We make all our Client Partners winners.

  • We provide all our Team Members with the training necessary to win their dream job at their dream studio.

  • We accommodate our Advisors with engaging mentorship.

  • We reward our Investors with reliable (and lucrative!) ROI.

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